Akira Pico Long

  • Introducing our advanced Nd YAG laser system, designed to effectively treat epidermis and dermis pigmentation by breaking down pigment masses with high-energy pico second pulses. It also targets dilated capillary vessels, causing them to coagulate and disappear. Featuring picosecond and quasi-long-pulsed modes, our system offers fast boosting speeds up to 10 Hz and ensures even energy distribution with Flat Top Beam technology. This versatile, user-friendly platform delivers superior treatment outcomes.

About Product

  • Unveil the advanced Nd YAG laser system, engineered for effective treatment of epidermis and dermis pigmentation. This state-of-the-art system utilizes high-energy pico second pulses to penetrate the skin layers, swiftly breaking down pigment masses and facilitating their natural elimination through metabolic processes. Additionally, it targets dilated capillary vessels by harnessing heat absorption, causing vessels to coagulate and vanish.
  • Featuring quasi-long-pulsed modes with milliseconds  pulse duration , with two different modes for the effective hair reduction

Technical Specifications

System TypePicosecondLong pulse
Wavelength1064nm 532nm1064nm
Pulse Width2000psSLP: 300μs
MLP: 1-5000us
Maximum Rep RateUp to 10 HzSLP: Up to 1Hz
MLP: 10Hz
Spot Size2-10mm
Maximum Energy Single Pulse:
Double pulse
1064nm: 100-1600mj
532nm: 100-800mj
MLP 3000mj
Genesis Mode
Light guide beam650nm red laser650nm red laser
Power requirement220V, 10A, 50/60Hz
Machine dimensions680mm x 400mm x 820mm
Net weight80 Kgs



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