Akira Pico TT

The Pico Second Laser Machine, featuring Honeycomb Focused technology for skin protection. Reduces tattoo and pigment removal sessions, offers skin rejuvenation.

Microfrxl 3 in 1

The Microfrxl 3 in 1 combines RF 50, micro-needle, and Erbium 1550 technologies for comprehensive skin treatment.

New MRF Premier

The MRF Premier utilizes advanced micro-needle RF technology for effective treatment of dermal layers, ensuring rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

Byfrecator Gold

Byfrecator Gold, a versatile portable device for minor surgeries with precise variable intensity up to 50 watts.

DermaChair Eco

The DermaChair Eco, designed for comfort and functionality in dermatological treatments, features adjustable height and remote control.

Akira VJ

Introducing the Akira-VJ Laser Machine, featuring a mini and smart design for easy handling.