• At Derma India, our state-of-the-art facilities are the foundation of our ability to deliver high-quality dermatological products and services. Established in 2000 by K.A. Raja and S.L. N. Iyengar, Derma India has continuously invested in advanced infrastructure to meet the growing demands of dermatologists and cosmetologists. Our facilities embody our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence.

Advanced Manufacturing Plant

  • Our manufacturing plant, located at the OMR (IT Corridor) in Chennai, represents the pinnacle of modern manufacturing technology. This facility is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology designed to produce high-quality dermatological equipment efficiently and reliably. Key features of our manufacturing plant include:

Precision Engineering

  • Our facility utilizes precision engineering techniques to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of quality and performance. This attention to detail ensures the reliability and durability of our equipment.

Automated Production Lines

  • To enhance efficiency and consistency, our production lines are highly automated. This automation reduces the likelihood of human error and ensures that each product is manufactured to exact specifications.

Quality Control Labs

  • Our plant houses advanced quality control labs where products undergo rigorous testing at various stages of production. These labs are equipped with sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that every product meets our stringent quality standards.

Research and Development

  • Innovation is at the heart of Derma India. Our R&D department is located within our manufacturing facility, fostering close collaboration between our engineers and production teams. This setup enables us to rapidly prototype and test new products, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Commitment to Sustainability

  • At Derma India, we recognize the importance of sustainability and are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our facilities are designed with eco-friendly practices in mind, including:
Energy Efficiency
  • Our plant is equipped with energy-efficient machinery and lighting systems to reduce our overall energy consumption. We continuously seek ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.
Waste Management
  • We have implemented comprehensive waste management practices to minimize waste and promote recycling. Our goal is to reduce waste generation and ensure that any waste produced is managed responsibly.
Sustainable Materials
  • Wherever possible, we use sustainable and ethically sourced materials in our manufacturing processes. This commitment extends to our packaging, where we prioritize recyclable and biodegradable materials.


  • The facilities at Derma India are a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From our advanced manufacturing plant to our comprehensive training centers and customer support services, every aspect of our facilities is designed to deliver excellence. As we continue to grow and expand, our focus remains on maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring that we provide the best possible products and services to the dermatological community.
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