Sakura Four Wavelength Diode laser

USA FDA approved with USA Lasertel laser bar for long span, semiconductor and sapphire cooling, and 4 wavelengths.

Sakura Premier NVA (TWL)

Advanced laser system with USA generator, 2 million shots, Alexandrite (755nm) and Diode (808nm) wavelengths for efficient hair removal.

DXL Sakura Plus

Our laser system offers three handpieces (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm) for diverse hair removal needs with advanced cooling and user-friendly interface.

New Sakura TT Ecco

The device features modern design, stable output, short irradiation time, and Sapphire Cooling 0-5 for excellent clinical effects.


The device features modern design, stable output, short irradiation time, Sapphire Cooling 0-5, and 12*12mm spot size coverage.


Modern design, stable output, short irradiation time, Sapphire Cooling 0-5, micro-channel technology, German design, 12*12mm spot size coverage.


Quantum RF technology integrates quantum computing for precise frequency control, promoting skin healing and collagen synthesis effectively.


Hairlite Laser Hair Therapy treats hair loss with non-invasive, non-chemical LLLT using 650nm diode laser technology.

Hair Grow Helmets / Hairgrow (New) / Iontophoresis SS

Hairgrow combines HG-01 with Low Level Laser (LLL) and Infra Red Ray (IRR), and HG-02 with Micro Vibration Massager (MVM) for synergistic hair growth benefits.

Biolight Plus

Biolight Plus uses LED light with photosensitive agents for PDT, treating acne, rosacea, redness, papules, and pustules.

Multi Utility Phototherapy Units

Specially designed patient data cards are provided along with the unit Scratch proof powder coating

Nevada 360° Ultra Cool Lipo

Cryocool's cooling energy triggers apoptosis, eliminating fat cells through natural metabolism for significant, permanent fat loss.

Doctor Goggles

High-quality doctor goggles for Q-switched, diode, CO2, and IPL laser treatments, ensuring safety and optimal visibility.

Phototherapy Spot / Pannel

Portable, hand-held device with LCD screen and timer for effective NBUVB/PUVA treatments, including scalp.


Zikra is a multifunctional machine. It has one systems is match with one handles. One system is matched with one handle.

Dermapeel 5 in 1

Microdermabrasion with crystal & diamond tip, transderm technology, LED therapy, dual pump, and galvanic current.

Dermapeel Gold Compact

Dermapeel Gold Compact is Portable, durable pump, thermal protection, precise vacuum control, efficient powder flow, 10-20 min sessions.

Derma Pixel (Smart Injector)

We integrated sophisticated hardware control and vacuum technology, so our system provides a satisfactory treatment result.