Byfrecator Gold

  • Introducing the Byfrecator Gold, a versatile and cost-effective solution for minor surgical procedures. This portable device offers precise variable intensity up to 50 watts, enabling instant electrocoagulation, electrodessication, electrofulguration, it ensures minimal bleeding with fast healing, often completing treatments in a single session. Optional bipolar cable and forceps enhance functionality.

About Product

  • The Byfrecator Gold is a state-of-the-art device designed for efficient and cost-effective minor surgical procedures. Its portable design and precisely variable intensity, up to 50 watts, make it ideal for various applications, including the removal of warts, acne keloids, corns, cysts, tumors, vaginal cysts, and moles. The device offers multiple functions such as electrocoagulation, electrodessication, electrofulguration, and electrosection, ensuring versatile treatment options.

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