Derma Chair Delux / Dermastool

  • The Derma Chair Delux is a luxurious and versatile multi-position section couch designed for dermatology, cosmetology, and laser surgery. It offers a stable and professional design, ensuring the highest comfort and functionality for medical professionals.

About Product

  • The Derma Chair Delux features three independent motors, allowing for precise adjustments and optimal patient positioning during various procedures. Its elegant upholstery is available in all English colors, adding a touch of sophistication to any clinic or treatment room. 

Derma Chair Delux Come With Following Feautures:

Technical Specifications

  • Power : 230V 50Hz
  • Size : 2000 x 610 x 700
  • Weight :79 Kgs
  • Motors : 3 independent
  • Remote : Provided


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