• The Dermatoscope M10A30 is a cutting-edge hybrid dermatoscope featuring cross & parallel polarization light. Traditional dermatoscopes, it minimizes surface light scatter, allowing quick, oil-free lesion examinations. Its versatile design supports both polarized and non-polarized, contact and non-contact dermatoscopy.¬†

About Product

  • The Dermatoscope M10A30 is an advanced hybrid dermatoscope designed for versatile dermatological examinations. Featuring cross and parallel polarization light, it significantly reduces surface light scatter, enabling quick and efficient lesion assessment without the need for oil immersion. The M10A30 supports four examination modes: Polarized Light Contact Dermatoscopy (PCD), Polarized Light Non-Contact Dermatoscopy (PNCD), Non-Polarized Light Contact Dermatoscopy (NPCD), and Non-Polarized Light Non-Contact Dermatoscopy (NPNCD).
  • Constructed with special optics and housed in a durable metal case, it boasts a 30mm non-reflective lens with 10x magnification, minimal distortion, and high resolution. The dermatoscope is equipped with intensity controllable LED beads and , charged via USB, ensuring high-quality imaging and portability.Universal mobile adapter easy to connect with mobiles.

Technical Specifications

  • Material : Special Optics & Sturdy Metal Case
  • Optical Design : Non Reflective Glass, 3 elements, 3 groups
  • Lens Diameter : 30mm
  • Magnification : 10X
  • Distortion : 2%
  • Resolution : 300 LP/MM (Axis) 250 LP/MM (Edges)
  • Polarization : Cross Polarized
  • LED Type : Intensity Controllable LED beads
  • Battery :¬†Rechargeable Lithium ion
  • Charging : USB



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Excellent Optical Quality

10X Magnification Real 30mm Wide Field View

Very optimized light illumination (32 LEDs)

Guarantee you the best performance during your examinations

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