Microfrxl 3 in 1

  • The Microfrxl 3 in 1 combines RF excited CO2 Fractional Laser System, micro-needling RF, and Erbium 1550 technologies for comprehensive skin treatment. RF excited C02 Fractional Laser  ensures minimal downtime and PIH.Micro-needling Rf ensures precise depth penetration & less downtime. Erbium 1550 ensures superficial skin resurfacing and pigmentation.

About Product

  • The Microfrxl 3 in 1 is an innovative skin treatment device that integrates RF excited CO2 Fractional Laser System, micro-needling RF, and Erbium 1550 technologies, providing a comprehensive solution for a wide range of skin concerns. The RF 50 function is perfect for skin resurfacing, improving texture, and treating pigmented lesions like age spots, sun spots, and melasma. The micro-needle technology offers minimal invasive epidermal rejuvenation, effectively curing and improving wrinkles, scars, and skin tightening with minimized PIH.
  • The Erbium 1550 component targets wrinkle reduction, photodamaged skin, acne scars, skin tightening, and enlarged pores, among other issues. This versatile and powerful device ensures safe, efficient, and precise treatments, making it suitable for all skin types and concerns.

RF 50


Technical Specifications
Power requirementsAC 220V 50Hz <+5%
Beam mode TEM00
Beam diameter3.5mm
Modulating frequency 0-20KHz
Spot Size 0.1mm / 1.25mm (Adjustable)
Spot Pattern Circle / Triangle/ Square/ Rectangle / Rhombus /Line
Spot Density×1 / ×2 / ×3 / ×4 / ×5 / ×6
Aiming Beam 635 nm, ≤5mW
Laser Operating ModeNormal, Vaginal,Surface, fractional
Scanning Mode Normal,Random,Mid-splict,Dynamic
Pulse Interval 1w~50w (every stepping: 1w)
Pulse Energy Max 50W
Cooling sytemAir cooling
Dimension 39*51*107cm(L*W*H)
Weight 53kgs
Technical Specifications
Screen Large LED
Main frequency5MHz+10%
Output (micro needle mode)Max. 55VA
Output (Fractional RF mode)Max. 55 VA
ModeMicro needle RF / Fractional RF
Input rating 100~240VAC + 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 300 VA in max





Technical Specifications
Wavelength deviation+/-1nm
Power 0~10,000mJ/SPower stability : 5%
Guiding light658nmFiber core diameter (um) : 10
Fiber numerical aperture0.15
Fiber Connector QBS
Fiber length 4.0m
Output beam diameter6+/-1mm
M factor <1.2



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