New MRF Premier Plus

  • Introducing the New MRF Premier Plus, an advanced RF microneedling system featuring dual air chamber design for enhanced topical penetration. With customizable treatments for all skin types and precise energy delivery, it sets new standards in aesthetic procedures.

About Product

  • The New MRF Premier Plus with vacuum sets a new standard in RF microneedling technology. Featuring dual air chamber design, it maximizes topical absorption , delivering RF energy through micro needles that create channels in the skin. This promotes collagen production and enhances skin elasticity.
  • The device offers customizable treatments with adjustable needle depths (0.4 – 4mm) and various modes for precise applications on all skin types and body areas.Ideal for practitioners seeking versatile, effective solutions with minimal downtime, the New MRF Premier Plus is at the forefront of aesthetic innovation.

Technical Specifications

  • Product: New MRF Premier Plus
  • Power : Max 50 Watts
  • Handle : Fractional RF Handle , Micro Needle RF Handle
  • Frequency: 2 MHZ
  • Energy : 1-10 Level
  • Pulse Duration: 10 – 900 ms
  • Needle Deepths: 0.4 – 4mm adjustable
  • Working mode: Single/Auto
  • Mode: Mono & Bipolar
  • Tips : Insulated (Optional) & Non-Insulated.
  • Invasive Tips : M-18, M-25, M-49, M-81
  • Non Invasive Tips : F-3*3, F-5*5, F-9*9
  • Dimension : L 49″ X B 34″ X H 27″ (Inches)
  • Net Weight : 24 kgs
  • Power : 230V 50 Hz



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