New MRF Premier

  • MRF Premier (Advanced Micro Needle RF) Technology allows effective treatment of deeper dermis, epidermis and upper dermis. RF energy is emitted at the end of fractional RF micro-needle which will treat target area deeper dermis without damaging the epidermis.

About Product

  • The fractional RF is useful for minimal invasive epidermal rejuvenation. RF energy does not target pigment-making cells in the skin. Thus MRF Premier cures and improves wrinkle, scar, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening safely and efciently with minimized PIH, using RF energy.

New MRF Premier Come With Following Feautures:

Technical Specifications

  • Screen: Large LED
  • Main frequency : 5 Mhz + 10%
  • Output (micro needle mode) : Max. 55VA
  • Output (Fractional RF mode) : Max. 55VA
  • Power consumption : 300 VA in max.



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