• The SIF Pro – Advanced Professional Hair Analysis System revolutionizes scalp and hair analysis with dual FULL HD cameras, advanced magnification, versatile light modes, and precise auto/manual focus, ensuring comprehensive, detailed observation and analysis.

About Product

  • The SIF Pro – Advanced Professional Hair Analysis System, an enhanced version of the original SIF, offers cutting-edge technology for scalp and hair analysis. Equipped with dual FULL HD cameras, it features both non-contact and contact-based options, providing 1-300X magnification through a German liquid lens with auto and manual focus.
  • The system includes four light modes: Normal, Parallel Polarized, Cross Polarized, and UV light, enabling comprehensive observation. SIF Pro captures high-resolution images and facilitates detailed analysis of scalp types, hair types, and hair loss conditions, including thickness and density. Its advanced capabilities ensure precise, reliable results for professional hair and scalp assessments.

Technical Specifications

  • Resolution : Full HD(1920 x 1080px)
  • Magnification : 1X – 300X
  • Light Source : Normal / Parellel Polarized / Cross Polarized / UV Light
  • Device Size : 170mm X 35mm



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